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Indulge in a world of delectable infused edibles at Carolina Brothers Dispensaries. Our selection showcases a diverse array of flavors and cannabinoids, crafted to provide a truly elevated experience. Explore our enticing offerings and discover the perfect infused edible to satisfy your cravings and meet your desired effects.

  • Delta-9 THC Infused Edibles: Experience the classic euphoria of delta-9 THC with our range of mouthwatering infused edibles. Delight in the rich and velvety flavors of our Delta-9 THC chocolate bars, crafted with precision and care to ensure an unforgettable treat. For those seeking a fruity and chewy delight, our Delta-9 THC gummies are available in various tantalizing flavors, providing a convenient and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. And if you crave a combination of nutty goodness and creamy delight, our peanut butter and coconut creme cups will take your taste buds on a decadent journey.

  • Delta-8 THC and HHC Infused Gummies: Immerse yourself in the world of alternative cannabinoids with our Delta-8 THC and HHC infused gummies. Experience the mellow and euphoric effects of Delta-8 THC or explore the unique sensations offered by HHC. Our gummies come in a variety of enticing shapes, including gummy worms, sour patch kids, and gushers, providing a fun and enjoyable way to consume cannabinoids. With their delightful flavors and precisely infused doses, our Delta-8 THC and HHC gummies offer a perfect balance of taste and effect.

  • Baked Goods Infused with Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC: Savor the comforting flavors of our baked goods infused with either Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC. Indulge in the nostalgia of freshly baked cookies, rice krispy treats, and other delicious morsels while experiencing the uplifting effects of cannabinoids. Each bite is carefully infused to provide a consistent and enjoyable experience, allowing you to unwind and indulge in a delectable journey.

  • Combination Infused Edibles: We understand that different needs call for a tailored approach. That's why we offer a variety of infused edibles that combine various cannabinoids to suit your specific requirements. Whether you're seeking a balanced blend of CBD and THC or a customized cannabinoid profile, our combination infused edibles cater to a range of preferences. Explore the synergistic effects of different cannabinoids and discover the perfect edible for your desired experience.

At Carolina Brothers Dispensaries, we prioritize quality and precision in every infused edible we offer. Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures that each product delivers exceptional taste and consistent effects. Elevate your cannabis experience with our wide selection of infused edibles and let Carolina Brothers be your trusted source for delicious and reliable cannabinoid-infused treats.

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