Carolina Best Buds is a small town business based out of Lexington (The Barbecue City), NC!  Our name doesn't just describe our products, but it also describes what our business was founded on, Friendship!  Founded in 2018 by 2 High School friends with a passion for helping the community around them.

We value every relationship that we are lucky enough to create, be it with the carefully chosen members of our staff or each and every business that carries the products we have to offer.  Our mission is simple, we want to deliver the best quality CBD/hemp products that we can find or produce.  Our flower products are not only machine trimmed, but also hand picked and trimmed to give our clients the highest quality product without all of the filler, giving you the best product for an affordable price.  

We are not just looking to sell you "Just another CBD product," we want to educate everyone on all of the benefits from using CBD/hemp products so that everyone has an understanding of what they are getting, and can find the products needed to help benefit them the most!  

We currently offer top quality Hemp Flower, tinctures (Oils), Balms, Isolates, and Prerolls!  And we don't plan on stopping there, as the industry grows we make it our goal to grow with it, giving you the latest products at affordable prices with the absolute best in Customer service!  

As of October 22nd 2019 we opened our first store in downtown Lexington, NC.  Carolina Brothers Dispensaries is located at 610 N. Main Street!  We not only offer our premium strains of Hemp flower, but a variety of Tinctures, Balms, Edibles, complete with our very own bar serving up the finest Hemp brews around along with Hemp Coffee!  We welcome everyone to come out to our shop and experience an atmosphere like no other!  Our Speakeasy theme provides customers with a feel of Nostalgia from the moment they walk through our Bookshelf.... oh yeah, that's right, we have a hidden Bookshelf door!!!  It's always a good time at our store, visit us on facebook by clicking here.

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